Virtual Camera w/ iPad Tips?

Hey all,

I got really excited about the all in one package of using an iPad Pro to do all in one virtual camera production. IRL experience today have been less than exciting. I have to set the editor resolution to <= 800x600 just to get a usable frame rate on the iPad.

Does anyone have any tips they’ve used to get better results?

I’m wondering if plugging my pc and / or the iPad to ethernet would improve things drastically?

Wondering if I made a mistake by not going with a Vive and stringing an HDMI to a remote screen… :frowning:


There is a big lack of information about this, but you will probably get a better experience by going through your own ethernet connection.

Btw, what Ipad pro version are you using, do you one which versions work? Ive been digging in to this subject for the past few weeks to do some previz on ue4, and I still don’t know wich is the best way to go for me. On one side you have the vive option, wich probably tracks a lot better, but wou also need a remote screen or some kind of small pc screen with a long cable, and on the other side you have the ipad way. In my case, i dont own either of them, and obviously the ipad has a lot more uses than the vive trackers.

Let me know if you get a better experience through your local ehternet connection

Welp, this is a big disappointment. I’m using a 2020 iPad Pro 13".

Setup the ethernet tonight and my ping went from 30 to 2-4 so I was hopeful but the frame rate of the video on the iPad even over ethernet is just unusable - even scaled down to 800x600 it’s barely usable. The movements from the iPad translate beautifully to the Desktop but I’m stuck thinking I’ve bought a $1000 accelerometer.

I’m not sure what else to but to bail out and go Vive like my gut told me to do originally. I thought the wireless all-in-one solution with the iPad was cute so I went for it. Stringing HDMI cable to a 7" monitor with a Vive tracker on top of it would be more cumbersome but at least it would be responsive.

Very sad. :frowning:

Ive been wondering about this myself. My ipad is a 2018 9.7". I tried with my ipad connected to a lightning cable to no avail. Crashes and the lag on the ipad is unbearable. Glad I saw this cus I was about to get a whole $90 ethernet to lightning adapter and a 50ft ethernet cable.