Better and cleaner vr plugin then VRExpansion?

is there templates or anything? littarly VRExpansion is way to hard to get started with, no tutorials, messy code, and everything is glued together so you need variables for things that you will never use, i tried copy over climbing to another project, its f impossible cuss everything is “Glued” together so i need everything basically from his template just to climb, i could just use his template but i don’t want to have unnecessary code, somebody has to make a simple VR plugin that has lots of functions but more documentation/tutorials and different templates for the different uses. beginners cant use the template from vr expansion its to hard.

Can somebody guide me?

You don’t need to use any plugin if you don’t want to.

@VirtueeL I tend to agree with @YuriNK 's comment above.

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve combined with your level of knowledge. If you simply need to implement a climbing system, that can be done with Blueprints without using any plugins. Here is a tutorial which I think would help you with this task:

The VR Expansion plugin has a lot of functionalities, but it is definitely more indicated for someone with programming experience and familiar with the inner working of VR and with the engine source code. Trying to use it or modify it without this knowledge would become quickly very frustrating. Also when you decide to use a plugin, you are relying on the author to keep developing, supporting and maintaining it. At the same time you are delegating control to the plugin, unless you know how to modify it yourself.

Maybe you would be better off starting with a Blueprint based template like the one from Proteus, or going through the VR Content Examples by Mitch McCaffrey, or studying in details how the standard VR template works.

UE4 has a steep learning curve. Learning VR development on top of it makes it even steeper, so don’t give up.

the problem with the current climbing tutorials is that they don’t allow arm-swing :stuck_out_tongue: no idea how to implement that should i use pawn or the character class to get it working, problem with character class is that the collider does not follow the HMD, and when i teleport the character its of from where i teleport :/, wish epic could make a VRBaseCharacter or something that has the basic functionality such as teleport and grab and that stuff that would make VR developers work much easier

Agreed except for my plugin requiring “programming experience” and a “knowledge of the engine source code”…it requires neither of those, everything is exposed to blueprints and it only serves as a back end.

It DOES require a decent familiarity with blueprints though at the very least and understanding characters to fully utilize.

All other points / advice is valid.

My note was referred more to the original idea of VirtueeL to extract parts of your plugin (i.e. the climbing logic) and include them in his project. Definitely not easy if someone doesn’t understand how your plugin works internally (hence the programming experience) and how it builds on the engine capabilities (hence how the engine works).

This said, I also believe that your VR Expansion Plugin would greatly benefit from some step-by-step tutorials on how to use it (a mini-manual or, maybe easier, as videos). Beside raising the adoption rate, also by those who have started with VR but want to bring their projects to the next level, that would very likely decrease the number of “basic” questions you get on the forum and free up some of your time.

Just my two cents of course. I do think everyone is thankful for all the hard work you put into it and your continuous knowledge sharing.


The climbing part is entirely blueprint as far as logic goes. The plugin only comes into play for the multiplayer and world collision part.

collision is the second reason why i want to use your plugin :frowning: but cant the plugin has so manny things fixed and figured out my collision box is in the center of my room i want it to follow hmd but cant find a way of doing it

They already have this, it’s called the VR Template. From there you can add in your own functionality as you please.

Human nature dictates: People who need the most help, will be eaten alive or stuffed and mounted like ‘Bhoot’… :expressionless: Act like you don’t need it,. then slip in a question :wink: .

Try not to sound frustrated. That happens to me, only when I try to understand EVERYTHING all at once and then get frustrated. So when I come upon the rare something that is actually a challenge, it can, if I let it, drive me a little mad, * for a ‘good’ reason (passion…) but not with a good outcome! (spreading frustration / negativity…)*

If you redirect that passion to simply keeping at it, learning what you can, as you can, watching videos, even if you feel impatient,. it all comes in time. Watch a Palmer Lucky video that’ll make you feel better!

The things you learn along the way (important optimizations, like limiting ‘UE4 Ray trace length’ or,., ‘reducing screen percentage of Raytraced Reflections’ (WhaaAAT??!!)) these small things will add up and change, improve and optimize how you use any given tool anyways!

(EDIT: I guess i’m living proof, this was always really hard for me so i avoided it, for over a year,. until I saw 4.0 come out, Now today, in just two hours, adding some info your you question page here, I went from really only knowing what it is supposed to do,. to having it it installed, with a no-error .exe build of the Sample Project! That is where the magic starts! )

How you doing anyways? It looks like we were at about the same level about the same time last year,. → I have probably recently tackled a lot of the things you are wondering about,… :slight_smile: Ask away!

This is a step-by-step, though i found it AFTER LOL (below)
I am at day one again myself, having waited for the 4.0 release!…ep%20by%20Step

Here is the 4.21 Plugin:…ple/downloads/

The plugin folder probably goes in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Engine\Plugins

Though I now see in that step by step page, (i’m learning this in realtime,) it says you just put in in your Project folder:
“Clone Or Download Zip and extract this repository to a folder named “VRExpansionPlugin” in your “ProjectName/Plugins” directory, create this directory if it is missing.”

Enable Plugins and restart,…

Here is the VR Expansion example Project:

*I had an error when loading the Sample Project! Maybe these will help ? (I do have the Plugin installed, enabled and rebooted?)

THANK YOU! Looks like it will be an AMAZING help!


IT RAN REALLY SMOOTH! (Rift on 1080Ti Founders ed,…)


I’m glad I had Visual Studio installed! THANK YOU! I LOVE THE CLIMBING. I AM GOING TO TRY TO COMBINE ***
**VR EXPANSION WITH UVRF (CUSTOMIZED GRIPS SHAPES) Unless it already addresses that, I am only a couple hours in at this point so,…

NOW is the time I have the patience and faith to watch a bunch of videos LOL :slight_smile: if I can get this far just winging it, then it is a normal, usual, logical tool (if POWERFUL!) and it makes sense even to my crazy Artist’ brain! **

THIS SEEMED SO HARD BEFORE, (like last year when I tentatively explored it) even installing and running, I guess I have learned a lot this year! :slight_smile:

(These errors didn’t matter I guess! :slight_smile: Build and Ran fine!


I just started to use this and I agree. I have no idea what is going on with this. I’m a complete beginner and I just wanted to use this for the room scale collisions as it keeps the player from walking into and through walls with thumb stick locomotion. I’ve struggled so hard with this plugin and its driving me crazy because I have no idea how to use any of it. I just want a simple tutorial on how to either have collisions with the normal VR template or how to add just simple grabbing mechanics to the VR Character in the VR expansion template.

I started up a website to start making more baseline tutorials a couple of weeks ago: Basic Gripping – VR Expansion Plugin is the first of them.

That being said, the plugin has never been intended to be plug and play easy, its intended to be as flexible and robust as possible and that requires that I not generalize things when I otherwise could. This makes it a hard starting point for beginners to the engine sadly, but its not really geared towards entry level users to begin with. I hope to bring the documentation up to par now eventually, I just can’t dictate ALL of my free time to that end when there is much left to do with the plugin itself.

I don’t think you’ll find a better VR plugin and certainly not a more robust one. It’s a bit intimidating because of how much the plugin gives you, but that’s a good thing really. I’ll consider making a youtube beginner’s tutorial myself, because it’s easier to use than it looks. It just requires working knowledge of Unreal and the plugin’s conventions and some time to figure out.

I get where he’s coming from. Since the early days of vr we’ve had a mixture of either poorly made or overly complicated vr templates on here. Nothing with good pick and mix style setup for small creators.

Even the official template hasn’t had any improvements and it never was a good standard either. Apart from the motion controls it has weird teleport and pad turning. It doesn’t work as expected compared to the majority of games and lacks basic stuff like comfort turn etc.

It’s great what the template creators here have managed to do but it would be nice to have better options and easier setup for all experience levels.