Beta 6 wall jump issue

In beta 6 when the player lands there is an added Z move down that was not in beta 5. I tried overriding any Landed functions in CharacterMovementComponent and Character, but still have the issue. Was there a new Z move down added to beta 6? Is there a bool that needs disabled or a function I can override to fix this issue?

Here is a video of the issue.

Seeing you wall climbing around the shootergame level looks sooooo goood, can’t wait to see more of your game!


Haha, thanks Rama:)

CharacterMovementComponent is only designed for a vertically oriented capsule, so you might experience a few issues with this sort of thing, especially in walking movement.

My guess is that AdjustFloorHeight() is detecting that you are too far off the floor, and then adjusts the Z position downward to try to fix that.

Zak you’re right as always. Thank you for saving me tons of time searching for the solution:) And your right the code is only designed for a vertically oriented capsule. In last beta I ended up rewriting the entire walk and fall states from scratch, because there was no other way to solve some of the issues I was running into. Players can now stepup and down (Steps) on any wall, can jump on any wall, their collision is now handled correctly when hitting any wall where they will attempt to slide around objects instead of getting stuck, players can be based on a really fast moving object (while rotating) and still move around and jump. I happy it to say the code is 99% done locally, only issues I have left are really simple ones like tweaking the step height,etc, but haven’t got around to yet. Unless I run into some more issues I have yet to discover in beta 6, haha :slight_smile: At one time I did override the tickcomponent function to rewrite everything from scratch, but it removed the ability for the pawn to base on other actors. So decided to leave it alone for now. Maybe the base on actor code could be moved into a separate function so it can still be called in case anyone overrides tickcomponent in the future.

Thank you again!

Cool, I’m glad my guess was correct.

I’ll think about how to make the component work when the capsule is not vertically aligned. Your video has inspired me :slight_smile:

Haha, well I’m glad to hear I’m good for something:)

An alternative capsule component that doesn’t assume vertical alignment would be great - it’s omission one of my biggest bugbears with Unreal 3 - whether for freely rotating characters, or characters that have differing body shapes (e.g. dogs, or prone humanoids)!