Best way to use 3D for UI

I at the stage where building the UI for my game is becoming essential but I’m finding it the greatest hurdle.

What I WANT to do, is to use blueprints and 3D meshes and all the stuff I know how to do in the game, feel comfortable doing, and what looks good.

The problem is that placing meshes happens IN the level. Is there anyway I can overlay a seperate world/something so in the bottom corner I am rendering meshes to display health, but they always stay in the corner?

Can this be done with UMG/widgets?

I have succesfully done it by actually rendering it close to my pawn, but there were problems with the temporal AA and really small meshes (lots of noise) and was really unacceptable, plus I need a bit more flexibility than that

They talked about this in the Twitch show today. There currently is no way to do this due to technical limitations with the deferred renderer. The only way to render 3d is to setup a camera in your map, which renders to a texture and displayed on your HUD. The limitation with this is that there is no transparency.

So in theory I’d have to have a part of my map where I rendered UI elements? That sucks. **** I might be stuck doing it the way I used to do it, as non-collision meshes next to my pawn.

You might also make these meshes components that are attached to your camera.

Interesting idea! My only concern is their relative brightness as level gets brighter or not. But yeah I hadn’t thought of that so thanks

Dont forget to set it as “Only Owner See”, otherwise, your hud will be visible by other players or other cameras.


Turns out I couldn’t get it to work though. maybe need to look into it more though