Best way to specialize font size per platform?

Mostly drawing text in C++ using Canvas::DrawItem. I’d like a a smaller typeset on iOS than PC.

What’s the best approach to doing this?

So - Not being an expert in these things the approach I’ve chosen is to use runtime fonts and branch the fonts used based on screen size. Fingers crossed this will keep foot print small on mobile but if it doesn’t it should be quite easy to cut out the bigger fonts.

What I would like is a generic asset brancher with a default and then per platform options (all mobile, android, iOS, iPhone5). This could be used on all asset types, fonts, meshes, animations etc.

Here’s an awesome font resource: FontSquirrel

Reopening the question as I actually need this now (though actually it’s iOS that needs the larger font sizes due to pixel density).

So is branching of runtime font’s the best way to do this?

This is still an issue for me. I’d also like to branch other assets based on platform. It seems that it should be possible to have a top level asset switcher that does that.