Best way to show an animated GIF on a mesh material for mobile

Hello all,

I’d like to make a mobile adventure that has a lot of video files and animated GIFs displayed on various mesh shapes.
Paper2D flipbooks have the best control and quality but can’t be used as a material on a static mesh leaving me with
1-Flipbook Materials
2-Media Player

I’ve tried to use media player on mobile but the compatibility across video formats and handsets has been inconsistent.
I have also had issues with videos not displaying when packaged despite placing the video in the proper folder and video playing perfectly in editor.

Flipbook materials have zero compatibility issues but setting up hundreds of texture atlases for the frames has been incredibly time consuming.
I’d like each frame to be around 512x512 and even with 4x4 frames per texture sheet, when I have hundred of frames setting up a flipbook material with Bruno Brito’s method is tedious:Sprite Sheet Advanced - Multiple spritesheets sequence animation - YouTube
Please suggest, thank you.

No one has any ideas?