Best way to replicate XCOM's character generation system in blueprints?

I’m working on a turn based game and there’s some functionality I’d like to experiment with in blueprints. Basically, I’d like to create a system that allows the player to recruit soldiers, each of which have first and last names randomly generated from a list of first and last names. On top of that, how to implement a similar system for the soldier’s attributes. Essentially, I’d like to replicate the functionality of X-COM’s system which randomly spit out a list of names and random character stats for the player to choose from and recruit. I’m a bit out of my depth here and I know this is a lot to cover, so any help on any of the mentioned topics would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t seen any tutorials covering how a system might be implemented in Unreal Engine 4 and wondered if there was somebody smarter than me who has worked this out yet. Thanks in advance!

Random attributes is easy, numbers are even easier, just generate random numbers in a range and store them with the created soldier.

Names are a little more involved, but still easy to generate. I would go to a website that has name lists and copy them to an Excel-type spreadsheet. One for each part of the name. Have the system load up the spreadsheets into an array variable and pull random name parts out of it. If you don’t want to go the Excel-route, you can create a DataTable I believe it is called with the names in it as well.

Someone actually has made a Name Generator in Blueprints on the Forums here if you want really random names.

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