Best way to render far away planets

I am looking for suggestions for rendering planets in the background at astronomical scales. The player will be able to go from surface to space and the planets will need to move. In Unity I can do this by rendering 2 cameras, in which the background camera is pointed at a small version of the solar system. The foreground camera always renders on top of this. This gives the illusion of giant planets in the extreme distance. But from what I am learning Unreal can only render 1 camera.

I thought about having foreground objects always render first and having a small version of the solar system track the player but I am not sure if Unreal has a object always render in front option(like X-ray). I have been playing with custom depth and it can create object outlines behind other objects but I want a full render of a object behind another object, Is this possible? If it isnt are there any suggestions about what I can do?