Best way to record vr gameplay

Hi there!

I’m wondering how to record gameplay from unreal engine on vr in best quality
I’ve try sequencer recorder but it doesn’t catch controller movements very well, also half of mechanics doesn’t work.

How you guys record VR gameplay?

I’ve been using OBS. It’s free and pretty easy to use.

Yea, but what i want is raw video. OBS gives me compressed videos I guess

Hardware capture card would be the only choice for capturing RAW. Might also need a bypasser to cheat on HDCP.

You can use the VR Spectator Mode to capture trailers from a different perspective. I did a livestream for it and the project is available for download:

Novezeil I see you know something about it, can you recommend one?

I need 4k quality capture

If you have a nvidia card why not just use shadowplay. Dedicated chip on the card for this exact use

If you want to be really hardcore like I am, you can record the transforms for the HMD and motion controllers every frame and their associated time stamps.

Put these into a custom struct, and then store an array of these structs.

Save these to a Savegame file so that you can load them again later.

Then, create a way for your app to read in these values and set the pawn head and hand transforms for each frame. After each frame, you want to take a high resolution screenshot. Note that the screenshot can be from any camera perspective, not just the first person camera! You’ll create a large sequence of these screenshots and it may take a while to render them all to disk.

Once you’ve got your series of screenshots, you’ll want to use FFMPEG to stitch the screenshots together to create a MP4 video. You can do any image or video editing you’d like here.

Note 1: this method takes quite a bit of effort to setup, but can give you the highest quality results at any resolution you want and it can also be framerate independent.
Note 2: I recommend a 5-10 second warm up delay before doing recording. The gameplay may begin while the level is still streaming in assets, so you’d see popping.

You can use shadowplay to record your VR gameplay. Using Shadowplay to record your VR gameplay is actually really easy. All you need to do is launch the Nvidia Geforce Experience, and turn Shadowplay on. Once it is turned on, set up your button layout to activate recording and make sure to check the box marked Allow Desktop Capture.

@Slayemin, How did you make those screenshots?

As I mentioned above, I created myself a replay file which is just a series of device transforms captured every frame at 30Hz (Call it a pose array). I save the replay file to disk after I’m done recording, and then later on I can do a playthrough on that file or run a “render” sequence, one frame at a time. During the render sequence, I can call:
GetHighResScreenshotConfig().SaveImage() to save the captured image to disk.

I highly recommend reading this file:

Oh okay, i’l try it, thank you very much : )

Okay, so i’ve try your method, but the problem is with desynchronisation position of controller and camera relative to everything else in game.
Its happened when I use highresscreenshots command.

Can you tell me, how you deal with it?