Best way to learn C++?

Hello !
I would like to learn programming in UE4 with C++.
Actually i am a C# Unity3D developper and i have a XNA and AS3 background too. As a selft-taught I would like to learn C++ and applicate to UE4. I know there are good tutorial about programming in UE4 but is it enough to understand and mastering C++ special features ? If not some good advices or link to learn it ?

Thanks you and sorry for my English mistakes :slight_smile:

Edit (March 31)
Since you are a C# developer, I thought you might find this guide useful: PDF Download
It’s a short guide that explains the differences between the two languages, and how you should do C#-py things in C++.

I’m in a similar boat and have been directed towards
The Programming Language Bjarne Stroustrup

Thanks you I’ll order it :slight_smile:

It’s not impossible, it’s a challenge !! Thanks for advices :slight_smile:

A good compilation of best C++ books:

Great link thanks !

Hi pilyas!

I’m actually working on a document / blog post that may help you. It’s a conversion guide for someone coming from a universe where UE4 was written in C# and now needs to learn C++. It won’t be a complete guide to the C++ language, but it’s a parallels guide - ie. Doing X in UE4 for C# would have looked like this; doing it in UE4 for C++ would look like this.

I’ll update this thread when it goes live, still have a lot more to write, but I’m trying to write a page a night.

Nick (Epic Games)

Awesome ! Even if I learn C++ by myself, this kind of work will be a great help for people with C# background.