Best way to get similar effects to video in post?

I’m looking to make attacks similar to what is shown in this video. You only need to watch about 10 seconds to get an idea.

My camera will be the same as shown in the video.

Particle Emitters seem like the obvious choice. If I were to use emitters would it be more efficient to add collision to the emitters or just draw trace spheres? Would the performance difference be drastic? My project is a Windows game but once complete, and if not too much hassle I would like to port it to mobile and other.

I am still learning quite a bit about UE4 and I wanted some community opinions before diving into this part of the project.

Thank you.

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Couch Knights has similar particles…Migrate those over to your project and start taking them apart/modifying them…
may be a great help may be very little…but likely a start either way…

I will check it out, thanks.