Best way to generate a block terrain (possibly without ISM)

Hello all! So I have my basic building game made, you can place blocks and many other things. Everything in the game works great, but in the long run, static meshes won’t cut it, and instanced static meshes are not as controllable as I need them to be. So if anyone can nudge me in the right direction here for procedurally generated block terrain (articles, tutorials, videos, any resource works) and that isn’t an expensive program (as I am trying to learn how to do it myself but I am not finding many resources on the topic for UE4), that would be great. I am looking to program it, but if it were blueprintable, I might do that, but still probably sticking with c++. So thanks in advance :slight_smile:

“instanced static meshes are not as controllable as I need them to be.”

can you elaborate? what do you need to do that instanced static meshes cannot?

Basically, I need to be able to place blocks with their own set materials via a materials button (UMG) that works with static meshes because I can use “Set Material”. With ISM, all of the instances can only have 1 material for the whole component. At least that is what I have found and what people have told me. I need the player to have control over each block individually. I am looking at voxels as the answer, plus it would be wonderful for my game :slight_smile:

So I just need to know especially (I should have stated this in the original question)where to start on voxel data so I could implement voxels into my game.

you could try using a separate instancedstaticmeshcomponent for each material.

Hey, thanks for the help but I have a better system now. It almost works but I am experiencing some difficulties. I am using cubiquity. However, everything compiles and all, but the 2 main blueprints don’t have parent classes, and it just tells me to check if they have been deleted. Still trying to figure that out. But thanks anyway. :slight_smile: