Best way to do CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION in Unreal Engine?

I am porting functionality I wrote in C using libcurl that progressively processes data as it arrives from an HTTP get request (using CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION).

Now I want to do this in Unreal Engine which I am fairly new to.

I know I could do this with curl but what would be the most “Unrealistic” (no pun intended :slight_smile: way of doing it? It seems FHttpModule is a sort of fire and forget solution that triggers a callback upon completion (e.g. “OnProcessRequestComplete”). I would need something like OnRequestReceivedData but it does not seem to be designed for this use case.

Should I stick with Curl or do some other Unreal magic?


Oh, interesting. I’m facing similar challenges and would love to hear if anyone has a solution…

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