Best way to delete a Paragon Character weapon mesh?

Hi – Some Paragon characters recently released come with weapons included in the mesh by default.
I tried exporting them to Maya to delete the weapon manually but characters coming with cloth physics only show a a skeleton when exported to Maya.
It works if I delete cloth physics assets but I’d like to keep them.

Is there a proper way to delete the weapon meshes from the character without deleting cloth physics?

I know you can disable the bone via blueprint or material editor but this is just a quick hack. I’d like to know if there’s a more optimized way for doing that.

You can set the material of the weapon to transparent.

I’ve done this and I’d really like to find a better way to go about it. My particle systems interact with the mesh and don’t ignore the transparent gun. My solution to that was to create a blended animation that just moves the gun bone completely out of frame, but I learned that shadows will get completely messed up when you do that.

When i export them to blender woth cloth physics they seem to do okay.

Unreal skeleton doesnt come in good shape though. And when you reimport the cloths explode. You have to mess with them some to get them to work again.

Might be worth a try since blender is free and all.

An old trick is to scale down the parent bone of the weapon down to 0,0,0. You could do this in the animBP.using a transform nod

This works quite a lot better than what I had been previously doing. My Niagara system still spawns particles on them, but since I moved it inside the mesh of the person, you can’t tell.

Thank you.

Insightful! WiIll try this.

This is the best solution! thanks!