Best way to create this look please?

I’m wanting to create a realistic depiction of a worn runway as in the attached picture. This consists of a ribbed concrete base texture with a layer of tarmac on top showing varying degrees of wear from freshly applied to completely worn through. The runway is a static mesh, rather than something created with a landscape material.

Would really appreciate some advice on the best way to approach this please. Repeating tiles are obviously a no go. Randomly applied procedural wear wouldn’t create the same effect either. What I’m thinking is maybe there is a way to create some form of mask applied to the entire runway length that controls the opacity of the tarmac layer at any point on the runway. In this way I could have some sections with complete tarmac cover and other areas with varying amounts of concrete showing through the tarmac layer. Really hoping this is possible as realism is my goal.

I’m fairly new to this so a link to a tutorial or some key terms for me to research would really help please.