Best way to apply damage to a VR pawn?

Since a VR pawn doesn’t have a static mesh what ways are you applying damage to the player? Are you using unreals traditional health system and applying the damage a different way or are you using a whole other system altogether?

Why would the static mesh be needed? You can still have collision meshes.
Or what do you mean by “apply damage”? Display the level of damage to the player somehow?

Finally, you may find that you need some kind of body for a VR pawn, because not seeing your legs when looking down is disconcerting.

I guess I should have specified that it is the HTC Vive I am developing for. You can’t use a body for room scale because it can’t track your legs.

When you apply damage you need it to overlap with something to cause the damage. Since there are no skeletal mesh in a Vive VRPawn I’m wondering what others are using.

A better way to explain it would be this.

I also used this print string on a key press “Z” to cause the player to loose 25 health points and it showed in the print string but when I used a pain causing volume at 10 points a second nothing came up.

I then tried this just in case for whatever reason the print string wasn’t showing and set the pain volume to 50 points damage. Nothing the game didn’t quit. Its as if the pain volume can’t tell when the Vive VR pawn is in the game.

Edit: so the health system works. I just have no way for projectiles or other forces to cause damage.

Have you added a collision volume, like a capsule or sphere?

Separately, you can still have a body mesh with the Vive, even though it doesn’t track the legs.
Which cases are better vs worse for that depend on the specific game.
It’s also kind-of dumb when the player doesn’t cast a shadow when having light in the back …

Ya I have a capsule in there it still doesn’t work though. Do you or have you used the HTC Vive?