Best way to add Text as 'Decal'


What do you think would be best way to add text that will bend with the surface like Decals? I have this object that has has a curved shape. What i want is to add a sticker that has a dynamic text (i need to change it lot) in it. Any way to use something like Text Renderer and bend it to fit the surface?

What you think would be best approach to this?

You can see rounded shape in here

I’m having the same issue here, have you found a way to do it?

Watch this video to see how to get dynamic text into a material using a canvas in Blueprints.

I would set this up on a floating curved plane that matches the shape of your mesh, and use the dynamic text in a masked material so it looks like a decal. You could also just combine your mesh’s texture with the dynamic text texture on your material, but that seems unnecessarily complicated.