Best way to achieve a particle effect on an object?

So, aside from attaching a particle system to an object besides a socket, what’s my best way to achieve a particle system on, or contouring an object?

Let’s say I have a crowbar (or any other weapon) that drops from an enemy. Judging by it’s rarity I’d like to decide which particle that object emits.

Just like you can see here, the objects have particles coming from the contours of the weapons. Is there any way unreal handles this? I know (at least from my searching so far) that unreal can’t emit a particle based on a static mesh unless it’s a skeletal?

What kind of options do I have here? And is there any instructions/guides/tutorials on how to do this?

I would be okay using a post process volume to render a custom depth, but from my understanding, you can’t have more then 1 system in place right? Could I have 4-6 different depths?

Anyways, what are some options for me to get my weapons and other objects to have particles that follow the shape of the object? How would I achieve similar effects to the picture above?

i dont think that diablo has per-object silhouette emitting particles. looks like a couple of different generic shaped particle systems and they assign the one that fits best to that particular item. doing that with blueprint should be very easy.

That maybe true. . I guess I didn’t exactly look at it that way. But that sucks for me, because I have a lot of unique shaped weapons. . Is it possible to render more then one custom depth?

I’m having a hard time believing that with unreal, I can’t add a particle system to a static mesh without having to do tweaks, tricks, and workarounds… :frowning:

I looked at this post the other night and I completely agree with Divi…just a few particle shapes under the mesh that resemble the base shape…should be easy with a Blueprint actor…which you can add particle systems to static meshes all kinds of easy…

I was able to do it in a way I’m happy enough with I guess. My OCD is not liking this though… lol. It’s just not good enough for me. . . Here’s what I’ve got atm for a legendary style drop.

I did comic books before I started game making so I dealt with the need to make things perfect vs. the need to get things done and I know the struggle…with that said it looks good…I like it better than the diablo version so although it may not be what you originally wanted in your head it turned out quite nice…

Check your DepthFade on the Beam coming from the middle…may help smoothing rather than a hard cut at that handle…but that’s nitpicky…not needed…

Thanks for the tip with fade depth. Looks better. And I’m almost 50 different weapons into this style particle system. It’s too late to change it now. Luckily changing the beams fade depth changes everything at once. Stuck with it now, but I appreciate the ideas from you guys. The particle system I’ve set up isn’t bad. Appreciate the compliment!

Here’s what I’ve got now with the fade depth in place.

If you’d like additional feedback on the visual of this effect and to make it more like in D3, I’d recommend making the core of the beam more saturated and add slight concaves to the beam emission. But overall I think you did a fine job!