Best way of simulating a animated led strip band

I’m trying to make an animated led strip simulator for using it to simulate my stair illumination Arduino project. I want to give to the client a way of configuring and seeing the product before purchase. I’m wondering which is the best way of simulating a linear band of light. I tried with a lot of point lights for each staircase, but the results weren’t so satisfying. The led stip should have simple linear animation for each staircase, from left->right or right->left, where every led is activated after a short delay. I also tried with an emissive material, but the illumination wasn’t enough real for this simulator. I would be glad if any of you have other suggestions. Here is a google photos video of my Arduino project that I want to simulate inside ue4:

you could try using a Dynamic Material Instance with emmisive on the steps and/or risers with a “phase” parameter which you update on tick. The emmisive color, position, intensity and whatever would be calculated in the material/shader according to the current phase.
Further details would probably depend on the UV layout on your steps.
I’ve never tried this before, but it sounds interesting. I might play around with it tomorrow and see what I can come up with.