Best virtual reality occulus rift games that I like

Edge of Nowhere
Rockband VR
keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Best virtual reality occulus rift games that I like.

Hey svpro, i can see you have started like 9 threads in this section without getting a single reply… i believe it’s because this particular forum is more oriented to DEVELOPERS interested in learning UNREAL ENGINE and solving specific problems that they face.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, i can see that you are passionate about VR and you are trying to start some interesting discussions, but i think you should look for other places on the internet to talk about general VR topics, maybe Reddit or the Oculus Community forums…

I also miss a good place to discuss VR with other Devs or enthusiasts (like MTBS3D a few years back, or the beginning of Reddit/Oculus) but unfortunately i don’t think this is that place. Good luck!

Thank you,I mean