Best practice when making teleporters with real time portals?

I am working on a Quake style FPS template. One of the things I would like to do in relation to the teleporters is make it so you can look at a portal and see what is on the other side.

I can get one camera to work. But things get super messy once I try to do more than one. On average you might see 4-5 teleporters in a Quake style level. A common problem I see is the portals are black or sometimes choose to render on the wrong faces.

So what would be the most elegant way to do this kind of thing?

I’d take a scenecapture2D at the center of the portal. If you have 2 portals linked, have the scenecapture2D of the other side look the same way as the player is looking. Though this could be pretty expensive.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of how you have your portals set up? I’d be curious to see!

I did not set them up as I think they’re expensive and unnecessary for what I try to do.

The way I ended up doing the portals involves a few basic steps with making a material and a camera and placing the material on a brush surface. It ends up being real time and has very little performance impact too.