Best Practice for Landscape Materials

Hi There,

I have been setting up my landscape material for painting purposes. Though, I would like to know if someone could advise the best practice in order to minimize memory usage when working on an open world game. Basically, my game is 8161x8161 (with level streaming enabled), and I would like to create a terrain which holds a wide variety of terrain textures. For example, I have a grass texture for the open land, forest texture for forests, river bed texture, coastal texture (between the ocean & land), sand texture, and mountainous textures. At the moment I have created a material with 7 textures divided between weightblends & heighblends. I just wanted to know if this is the best way to create a terrain texture, or is there a better way? I really appreciate any advice I can get.

Thanks in advance!!


I’m also interested in any tips for creating good loooking but “cheap” landscape materials!