Best place to store player data for mmo dedicated server?

Hey guys, I have set myself up a nice front-end experience that that connects to a hosted VM dedicated server. The plan will be to have more than one server for different regions etc. players can connect to whatever ones they wish. Typically, in standalone or a listen server model you could just use the save game object to handle all of the player data etc. When dealing with a persistent world I would assume you would store nothing on the game server itself and set up some webhooks to connect with a hosted database instead is this correct? So, would I just setup a database and have my backend handle passing data from the database to the server? or would my backend be able to do all of this for me? I am using playfab right now and am still learning it. would all player data be stored in playfab or do I need a separate database to work with playfab? or can i still utitlize the save game object for dedicated mmo style servers?

Any insight appreciated.

It would be best if you based your persistence on a relational database

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Other

Choose whichever is the most comfortable for you.
I wouldn’t do direct queries to the database. You would probably need to write your own API that would “chat” between the game and database setup somewhere in-between (but usually located on the same server as the db to reduce query times)

You would ask a query to the API. The API would filter and check the query then ask the database to do an action and return the formatted results back to the game (probably all in JSON or another formatted structure).


this is what I was thinking I just wanted some confirmation before I jump down this rabbit hole. appreciate the response.