Best Path to Entry-level Industry Work?

I’m hoping to find some answers here. I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find a clear path to getting involved in a given Unreal Engine related field. There seem to be so many differing fields and combinations of skills that companies desire. I’m a trained artist and long time PC graphics apps user. I’m looking for some clear information regarding career path, the more concise and meaningful the better. VR is an interest; Simulation is a fascination; Games are fun, but the competitive nature of that field is intimidating at my level. I’m really only after having a foot in a door, I seek entry level opportunities ASAP in any 3D design industry. I have experience with several modelling programs, as well as many art and design related applications.

Anyone know where I can get this specific info?


It’s a tricky question to answer, since there are as many answers that there are unique people :stuck_out_tongue:

One way is to make a list of companies that you could see yourself working at, and then reach out to those companies.
Sometimes they have entry level positions, and can also give you some pointers on what you might need to focus on.

Don’t be intimidated by all the different fields and combinations of skills, if you already have a background in 3D, then focus on that. Make some realtime art that showcase your skills, and use that when applying. You don’t have to be a master of everything.

Another way to get into the industry is with education. Usually schools have contacts with the industry, and can open up for internships. Internships are probably one of the more common ways of getting a foot into the industry. But it really depends on your background.

And finally, don’t let yourself down if you can’t find a job in the industry right away. Hold on to the dream, be active in the community, push yourself to be even better. And finally, one day you will get where you want.

Sorry for not having clear answers, as you requested. But it’s a bit of a jungle.
Let me know if there are more specific things you want to know :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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