Best Options for VRGear compatible phone without the phone plan?

Hi all,
I have an iPhone 6s plus on a Verizon plan here in the US.

I am very interested in exploring GearVR dev, but really don’t need a new phone plan. I image I can buy a new S6 from somewhere, but I was interested in learning about the most economical options that folk have encountered in acquiring a compatible phone.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I dont own a GearVR but I remember reading on some forum about people picking up ex-showroom phones cheap from places like ebay. There probably some caveat’s and thing to watch out for when doing this so your best bet would be to post your question in the GearVR sub forum over at oculus or on the gearVR subreddit.

How do i know if my phone is VRGear compatible?

This is my phone

GearVR is a Samsung device designed by Oculus.

Edit* just realised the phone you link is a Samsung.

Best to check on the Oculus’s site.

From my understanding the GearVR only works with the note5 and the s6’s. While I can not 100% confirm this I can tell you that my friends note5’s mini usb port will not physically connect to the innovation edition gearvr I have for my note 4.

Thanks for the input, guys.