Best method for creating this measuring tool (see image within)

Hi all,

I’m looking to develop a dynamic measuring tool (primarily for VR). I say dynamic due to the nature of it’s application; the units of measurement (i.e. mm vs inches) could vary as could the scales based on the scene settings.

I was thinking of debug lines at runtime as performance isn’t really an issue as it’ll only be active momentarily in the scene as the user needs (instead of scales cylinders etc). I think the key here is the quality of lines and text. I’m not sure a texture on a plane will be up for the job, and i’m not sure how it would fit the above brief of it’s dynamic nature. I can easily spawn a couple of Actors at each point and measure the distance and show some text, but that isn’t the look i’m trying to achieve.;base64

I’ve attached an image of the measuring tool as seen in Modo. This would be the perfect outcome if a solution could be found.

Any pointers would be greatly received.


Many thanks in advance,