best lightmap setup / static lighting for small and thin assets on the landscape

hey guys,
I have question about creating a new landscape layer in UE4…
For some little tests i create usually a 127 x 127 Quad, Componets 8 x 8, overall resolution 1017 x 1017 landscape with a static lighting resolution of 7 to 9…
My problem with this settings is, that small assets like a fence with thin parts gives me really cheap and wrong shadows… what options do i have to increse the quality of shadows for smaller and thin assets?
Big assets like cars or big pillers have are giving me totaly normal shadows like it should be…

I increased the static lighting resolution alreday up to 20 without getting a issue free shadow for the small and thins assets…

If you’re using high resolution lightmaps and it’s not enough, then you’d have to consider splitting it up so that you can use more lightmaps, or if it’s something like a large outdoor location then maybe do dynamic lighting instead. Many open world games use dynamic lighting since lightmaps will end up using so much memory.

Thanx for the quick reply, about splitting up the light maps… that means? less components? more quads? on the landscape layer ?
For the dynamic lighting… i just tested it but the quality is a bit cheap… “switched the object from static to movable” i would love to use full dynamic lighting but since i’m reading and reading over again that it is still in experimental phase, i have no intentsion to run into lighting issues… :slight_smile:

I haven’t messed with landscapes, but it might require multiple landscapes at smaller sizes if the highest lighting resolution isn’t good enough.
If you’re using meshes, then you’d have to split up the meshes–that can be necessary if you’re doing buildings since a floor or ceiling can be large but needs higher resolution.

Dynamic lighting by itself is complete, you would use the Directional light as your sun and the shadows would come from that. What’s more recent is ways to add features to it. There’s LPV which is dynamic GI, it works well for outdoor scenes. There’s also some new AO features. Dynamic shadows are also getting some improvements in the 4.5 update.
Interiors don’t work so well with dynamic lighting though, since you can end up needing larger numbers of lights and a lot of lighting is secondary bounces.