Best lighting setup for realistic scene?

So I want to make a really realistic scene for a portfolio and I’m curious what is the best way to go about the lighting? I would prefer something dynamic as building the lighting takes way too long and sometimes crashes UE4 since I only have 8GBs of RAM.

Using version 4.8, any advice would be much appreciated!

If you haven’t seen them here’s various resources to check out:


Unreal Engine Support – Rendering Best Practices – Live from Epic HQ

You definitely want to check out the Twitch Livestreams on various subjects as the format means that they could bring up random tidbits that regular tutorials might miss.

The best quality is going to be obtained with static lighting (lightmass). Otherwise it’s going to be VXGI right now but it’s much more power hungry (GPU-wise). You can do something decent with lightmass and 8gb of ram. Just do smaller scenes. Even if it takes 12 hours to build lighting, you’ll only do it once. After that you can make videos, take screenshots as much as you want. You can have multiple pc building the lighting via the swarm agent to speed up things. Good luck.

Ok, I’ll try it out and see how it goes thanks.