Best laptop for unreal engine

Hello there I want to make a every platform supported game in unreal engine.
Is there anyone who can suggest me the best laptop under Rs100000 for it and also tell me the configuration of it also.

See the epic guidance:

However, I wouldn’t recommend a laptop for deveopment. The problem is twofold

  1. They usually don’t have good graphics cards

  2. They overheat

I had a laptop, 4 core i7, 8GB, with a good graphics card and blew it up in under 6 months trying to write a game.

Better off spending your money on a desktop :slight_smile:

I have the same question in my mind. Maybe it should be gamer’s laptop with GTX 2080 Ti at least. But I assume maybe it’s always possible to attach external GPU like eGPU.

Maybe desktop computer isn’t convenient for you like for me. Please write what you’ve decided =)