Best integrated 3rd Party Renderer for Arch Viz

Hello, I was wondering what renderer people prefer to use for realtime architectural visualisation and whether there’s likely to be a clear winner based on the RTX hype (I’m probably going to buy twin-linked 2080ti’s)? The two main options seem to be Octane or Vray, and I wondered whether anyone had used both and found one to be better integrated? I’m interested in photo realism, but also integration.

I want to develop a pipeline from 3D content creation in 3ds Max to client-facing display using the same renderer, so for example, if I’m using Octane, then is it easy to move shaders etc from 3ds Max to Octane to UE4?

I basically want a solution for creating and rendering small scenes that I can edit live with a client on a 4k monitor, and minimise the duplication of lighting/volumetric/cloth setup.

There’s no advantage to using those renderers in UE4 if you can use them in 3ds Max already, all you’re doing is making extra work. The purpose of having those renderers in UE4 is that if you want to do a nicer render then you have the option without having to move everything back over to 3ds Max.

If you want to really take advantage of UE4 then using the DXR raytracing would be a good option since it would render very quick and the results wouldn’t be too far off from Vray, just note that DXR in UE4 does not take advantage of multiple GPU’s using NVLink