Best Graphics Card

I am looking at presenting my project to other client and although my development machine is quite high end, I would like to know what other developers would recommend to use for a graphics card, perhaps if mid-range and high end option would be useful.

Many thanks

gtx 780 ti, gtx 980 and 970 are very good ones (I’m using 780 ti and I’m usually way over 60 FPS)

Yes, without a doubt, Nvidia Cuda capable :heart::heart::heart:

Well, if your also interested in CUDA, then 780 ti is the way to go, otherwise it’s 980.

Thanks guys, so a desktop with 8GB Ram and a 980 would be suitable?

If possible I would go for 16gb of ram, it can help when building large levels, as well as being able to have multiple programs open at the same time.

As for the 980, you made a good choice! I will be picking one up soon as well. :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to take a look at this thread: [Official] Hardware Performance Survey - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums There you can find many PC setups + how good the UE4 runs with them :slight_smile:

As DotCam already mentioned, 16 GB ram will be useful, but it should also run very smooth with just 8 GB (I’m using such a setup :))

If you’re buying RAM for a desktop today, there’s no reason to not get 16 GB.
If you’re buying value-for-money, a GTX 970 has more value-for-money than a GTX 980 IMO.
Or, put another way: a 16 GB RAM, GTX 970 based machine will likely cost less and deliver most if not all of the value of a GTX 980 machine with 8 GB RAM.
It’s possible you’ll be CPU limited anyway with those cards, so why pay $200 extra?

Get 16 GB ram and an SSD.
Get a GTX 970 if you want good value or a GTX 980 if you got money to spare.
If you got even more money to spare, get an i7-4790K processor for faster compiling and baking (default it i5-4690K).

Thanks for your replies, I am just looking for a machine to showcase the games not develop - is this still applicable?

Yes it is, any of the above options would make a great gaming system as well. The editor can require more performance than the actual game, so a system with the mentioned parts would work quite well, and you won’t need to upgrade it for a while. :slight_smile:

Now best avaiable card is GTX980.

But best not yet avaiable choice is gtx 980 TI, Nvidia did not say a word about it yet, but they will release it in about a year.

If you have bigger budget get GTX Titan (but that is bad choice now),

Because they will release new titan soon after GTX 980 TI. And that is card everybody really wants, but only few can afford.

Personally I am waiting for new Nvidia cards, and if i can afford i get n ew Titan, if its over 9000$ i go for GTX 980 TI.

A titan isn’t good for developing games nor playing them. A 780 ti has better game performance than the titan. The titan is a calculation card, it’s not made for gaming, but for science.

anyone with a r9 280 here? how is she with developing? does she loves the unreal editor?

Titan’s a gaming card, it’s just that they’ve produced better graphics cards since then. Quadros aren’t for gaming, but the Titan isn’t like the Quadros. The gaming cards can actually be faster with GPU rendering, the benefit of the Titan is that you get 6GB of memory, which is important since the entire scene has to be loaded to the card to be able to render. But it’d still be faster than trying to do the same with a Quadro

Is this system good?

That link does not show us what you have in your shopping cart, only you can view it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for help.

So, is this system good?

It’s alright, an i7 would probably help a lot in reducing baking times, and rebuilding shaders. The 970 and 980 are better bang for your buck and wattage right now. Also build with a R9 290 uses pretty close to 400 watts from the wall, 430 watts is really cutting it close, if you had a bunch of hard drives, fans, or an all in one liquid cooler, you might exceed 430 watts.

If I was you Napelazam, I would sped the few extra dollars and get the GTX 970 graphics card, nothing against AMD, but you can actually save money on your hydro bills in the long term, the 970 is much more power efficient (and quieter fans), I hear the R9 at full power sounds like a jet engine… So the extra 40 euros might be worth looking into.

I would go with the GTX 970 personally, but that is up to you. :slight_smile: