Best Cloud service for pixel streaming

Hello, I wanted to setup a pixel streaming server in the cloud using AWS or Azure or Google, but I want to know what is the best for UE4 pixel streaming, anybody tried those services and has a recommendation? (I want to have access to good RTX speed)

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Regarding Pixelstreaming performance and quality there should not be a difference between Cloud Providers. You only need enough out bandwidth, for HD this is around 4Mbit/s.
The more interesting parameters are pricing, hardware and Ease of use. But i only have deeper knowledge about AWS so i cannot comment on other providers.


What is important is the GPU/CPU side of the provider, and the simplicity of usage also… That´s what I wanted to know from others experiences… thank you !

In general, but this is not Cloud or Pixelstreaming specific, your are normally GPU bound. This means you would need a Strong GPU for Realtime graphics.

For AWS, if you only need a few instances you can spin them up by hand very easily and just connect to them via Windows Remote Desktop to install and start everything. But i think this will be the same with the other providers as well.
If you not planning to make a huge scalable platform it does not matter that much what provider you choose, i would go with AWS or GoogleCloud.


Thank you!..

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Thank you @stitchpc but we are using AWS with EC2 instances now…