Best application to export 3D high poly character models out of?

I’m looking into making a visually stunning game. Like mindbogglingly beautiful.

However the largest problem I’m having is the core of the very game itself, it’s characters. I’m trying to create photorealistic characters for my game and just stumbled upon an application that lets me do just that.

I found Daz3D and my characters are all amazing (with the exception of their hair, which I can go into zbrush and make amazing myself). However when I export the fbx UE4 gives me an error (apparently due to the heirarchy of the bone structure) and when I until “import as skeletal” and I have the mesh in game the eyes are all white for no reason. I read online to export to 3DXchange so I went ahead and got the application but it make the model SHINY and makes it look bad. Even when editing it inside iClone. How can I get these amazingly detailed characters inside of UE4 or is there another application I can use?

Every 3d program is doing the same job :wink:
To get the result that you have in your 3d program, you will have to create good materials and textures → the UE4 just automatically creates basic materials! So you will have to do the rest by your own → adding normal specular,…opacity,…

The programs with the best FBX support are Maya and 3ds Max, other programs usually have some type of difficulty getting the right export settings or they don’t support everything you want.

The DAZ ones all look too cartoony IMO…