Best AA Settings?

What are your best Antialiasing Project Settings for

  • VR Quest2 Mobile
  • VR Quest for PC (Steam, etc.)

Thank you,

You want to use MSAA and no higher than 4x.

I was running already some tests with that. But still, I have to say when using for example Normals Maps, and you have thin lines, I’ll get a ton of AA flickering.
I was also wondering, why it’s recommended to use only 4x and not 8x.

I changed mine to 8x… but didn’t make any difference. I was hoping, it would be a better result. But all the same.

You may be able to make use of the normal to roughness feature:…ite/index.html

interesting and thanks for sharing. It looks like it’s just blurring it… or blurring it a lot. Is this kinda what it does?

Yeah, that sounds like what Id expect. The reason we say to use 4x MSAA is because it strikes a good balance between resource usage and visual fidelity - any more and you wont visually see a difference for the increased cost in processing, and any less will diminish the effect. Plus MSAA provides a good result in general for the processing cost.

As for the flickering, you might be at the limit of the Quest and Quest 2’s pixel resolution. If you have the processing power, you can supersample each frame with vr.PixelDensity (some value above 1) and r.ScreenPercentage (some value above 100). This will probably spike your performance, but it will eliminate that flickering effect.