Bent normals workflow in UE 4.17?


I read that in 4.17 there is a new feature ***Bent Normal Maps and Reflection Occlusion. ***But there is no guide how to use it.
Can someone give a short tutorial on how to utilize this new feature.

I already have imported a bent normal map and AO map that I baked from a mesh.


Bump! Can anyone give me some hints…

Official documents are on the way but all you need to do to use it is add the Bent Normal Material output to the graph and hook your bent normal up to it. Here is an example of what this could look like. Bent Normals Settings - UE4 AnswerHub Please note that this person is having an error but the setup is correct.

Thank you for the swift reply!

To use your BentNormal texture, search for the BentNormal node in the Material graph and plug your texture into it.

EDIT: Sam was way faster hahaha