Bent Normals Settings

What i must to do with bent normal map? What compression setting i should use?
Did it need flip green channel?

I’ve made some test and it seams that it should be in DXT1 linear, also baked in world-space (tested substance painter and xnormal - almost identical result).
But maybe I am wrong - glad to hear about if I am.

As Gomo mentioned, you’re not going to be able to use normal map compression if you have anything in the alpha channel. there are tricks to use other compression methods and still get the same normal map results.

UE4 is X+, Y-, Z+. if you’re baking with those settings then you do not need to change the channels.



Thanks for your input.
But I guess it is not about normals but bent normals used since 4.17 to additionally boost AO.
Or am I wrong?
This is my testing setup:


I don’t know about Y- axis, the effect on my testing model is so subtle that I can’t tell.

i’ve never used bent normals before (wasn’t aware they were supported by UE4) so i can’t really help with that. i did some experimentation before with trying to pack another channel into the normal map so that’s where i ran into the compression solution.