Believable/realistic pale skin material (Genesis 8)

Is it possible to make pale skinned characters in UE 4, esp. with dynamic light and under daylight conditions?

Is there a specific material node setup given the Genesis 8 framework and the typical textures DAZ is providing like diffuse map, normal map, specular map or do I need additional textures?
I know how to work with those standard texture maps, but is there something more I need to know, because my characters look too overexposed/bright/bland most of the time (esp. in daylight)?

People work mostly with tanned and darker skinned characters or go for the plastic/toon look altogether, so overexposure is not a big issue in those cases…

Let’s assume we have a central european hot summer day: skylight intensity = 1,0; directional light intensity = 3,0 lux; sun brightness = 50, time: around midday. (is this correct?)

What additional textures and node setup do I need for achieving good results under real time conditions?

My char should have a look more or less like: “Ceridwen and Fantasy Skins for Genesis 3 Female” (DAZ website)

or be as pale as Elle/Dakota Fanning.

Yes… of course.

I have no experience with Genesis 8 but in order to get the best character rendering out of UE4 you really need to follow their character setup including all the map types they use for their materials.

My advice would be to download the digital humans project and read through the (extremely good and very detailed) documentation: Digital Humans | Unreal Engine Documentation

I’ve already seen that. The demo uses multiple similar textures, which are combined.
What stands out is that some of the textures being used are completely new to me like mesonormals, ao masks or skin pores.

My problem is how to create all of those textures for the whole body and how would it perform in an open world game.

Maybe there is some solution which has a better performance but still looks good enough and is suited for the Genesis 3/8 framework?

Are there any example screenshots of UE projects from people who have made realistic (pale skinned) characters?
I know creating realistic people is the “supreme discipline” of 3d game development, that’s why most game devs go for toon style :slight_smile:

I’d like to see all those screenshots of your projects with realistic humans.