Being notified when the player reset his controller rotation.

Hello !

Short question: Is there a way to be notified when the player resets his motion controller rotation (by pressing the home button on Gear VR). I don’t mean to get the input but a possible event.

Long question:
For the needs of my game, I have an input that rotate the camera of my player by 90° to the left or to the right. For that I use ResetOrientationAndPosition, but for some reasons it doesn’t affect the controller correctly. It keeps the angle that my controller had from the origin but doesn’t apply the rotation my HMD had from the “origin Yaw”.


  • If I only turn my controller to the right, and then press my input to rotate my camera with the ResetOrientationAndPosition method, I still have my controller turned on the right (no problem, this is what I wanted).
  • If I only turn my head to the left (then my controller is on my right), and then I press my input to rotate my camera with the ResetOrientationAndPosition method, I will have my controller turned to the front (but my arm still point to the right).

To solve that problem I’ve calculated the needed offset to add to my controller rotation based on the rotation that my HMD had from the “origin rotation/yaw” before resetting the orientation…
It works ! But… Now, if the player decides to reset his controller rotation manually, it stills add the previous calculated offset. The solution would be to clear that offset when I’m notified that the player did that action.

Thanks for your answers !

You should ask over at the Oculus unreal forum as well as Oculus develop the GearVR plugin stuff:

It would be nice to have this as Google provided such an event for their Daydream controller unreal plugin

Thanks for your answer, I will follow your advice.