Behind the Scenes with Sumo Digital's Snake Pass - Jan 19 - Live From Epic HQ


In thisss livestream, the development team from Sumo Digital is joining usss for an extra-ssspecial behind-the-scenesss look at their upcoming game Snake Pass! David, Seb and Chris are excited to show off their work in UE4 to developersss everywhere, so you too can sssee how rewarding game development can be. Come and join usss asss we explore the blueprints and design behind this sssuper game!

Thursday, January 19th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
David Dino - Designer/Analyst - @gevurah22](
Seb Liese - Designer - @Snake_Pass](
Chris Ravenscroft - Programmer - @Snake_Pass](

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YESSS! It’s getting closser. Not much longer and I can finally take the adventure of Mr. Noodlesss! :3 Also, pleassse don’t forget to add a gentlemansss hat and a monocle! <3

I can almost feel a nokia in my hands.

I would like to see Snake Pass on Mobile. Nice graphics.

letssssee thisss tomorrow