Behaviour tree

In my behvaiour tree that I made, whenever I run the game, it is incative. How do i fix this?

Hello Whyuacow,

Have you ensured that you’ve set your behavior tree to run in your AI Controller? Typically, you would add a Run Behavior Tree node to Event Begin Play in the Event Graph of the AI Controller. Then, make sure that in the dropdown that appears on the Run Behavior Tree node, you select the behavior tree you would like to run. Hope that helps.

So I checked and I have that
Here is the image. So what would be the issue other wise
And please include a picture

Have you made sure that your AI Character is set to use the AI Controller? Here is an image showing where you can find that option. You’ll need to make sure it’s set to the AI Controller that you’d like to use.

Ok that solved it thank you
Now i need to solve a bug in my code but that’s different