Behaviour Tree Quick Start Guide - Enable EQS hint missing

Hi guys,

this tutorial will be a very, very frustrating ordeal of searching for Errors
as long as there is no hint to enbable the EQS (Environment Querying System).

Everything seems alright but it´ll throw errors for


Since everything is nested so nicely to show also Services, Sequences,
Decorators and Task in action, things can get a bit confusing.

I´d like to suggest you guys add more “helper” steps in general to your
tutorials, e.g. good practice steps for testing what is broken or simple
inbetween tests if things work.

Example, first let that bot move ok. Now let´s have it move there, then there or there.

This may sound super simple but imho, it isn´t.



P.S: I mean showing good practice of progressive refinement or breaking up complex Behaviour trees
like the tutorial one into something that eventually could even use states

Hi wertstoffsack,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty with one of our tutorials. Using your suggestions on the Behavior Tree tutorials, I’ve generated the following request for a documentation update: JIRA [UEDOC-1335]. Should this be implemented, an update will be posted on this thread.

Thank you for your feedback in helping to improve our documentation.

Thanks .

I´d love to see more ai tutorials, things like factions, NPC+Enemy+Player interaction and or ai interacting with the environment, using pickups or triggering events based on the player´s behaviour.

*Guard hitting Alarm

*Guard calling (using the hearing system) to other Guard

*Enemy (Guard) capturing Flag

*Fire and Reload

*Switch weapon based on player distance

*Retreat if health below/use medipack


Also, it would be nice to see options on how to use Navigation and AI to influence AI behaviours like


*AI trying to use cover while closing in

*AI chosing between desireable Defense or desireable Attack locations/areas

Replace Event Receive Tick node in AgroCheck with Event Receive Tick AI