Behavioral Tree or Regular BluePrint?

I Would like to know which would be easier to set up?

Because i’m trying to setup a Simple AI to shoot at a Target.
there is going to be Four Turrets that will Hopefully shoot randomly one at a time at the target

The Box Represents the Target that doesn’t move, and the four spheres represent the AI Turrets and the turrets don’t move either they just shoot directly at the Target.

Any " Input or Know How " would be greatly appreciated because i’m terrible at the BluePrint side of Unreal lol…

Behavior trees will just add a huge overhead for you in that you need to learn how to use behavior trees first - which are probably more complex than blueprints. If you’re struggling with blueprints already then you’re not going to have a good time with behavior trees. Besides that, behavior trees will for the most part still require blueprint knowledge in the form of blueprint tasks to work.

So just plain blueprint will do? and if so? is there a randomizer node that i can use or is that something i have to make?

I answered this on the forums. I agree with Sentura, there is a learning curve for the behavior trees and if all you want is this one specific thing, then it’s easier just to do it in a Blueprint.

Yes, there is a random node in Blueprints allready.

Yes you can use one of the embedded random nodes like mikepurvis suggested. There is also a random float in range node, which will allow you to limit the amount of randomness if you so choose.

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