Behavior tree still running after switching to new one

I’m trying to start up another behavior tree during the execution of an existing tree, i am able to do this fine with a task that executes a tree that is determined at runtime, but i seem to be seeing the previous tree still running when i simulate. I get the message -x steps back and have seen the number head up rather high.

Should i be worried about the step back message? And is there a correct way to switch behavior trees and ensuring that the previous one stops executing?

In the attached image the bot is actually executing the tree determined by RunResourceBehavior.

Form my understanding, a controller can run multiple behavior tree at a time. Running another without stopping the previous would merely let it run both ( or more )

There’s a command to stop the behavior tree. AFAIK, I can’t find it in Blueprint yet. But in C++ there’s one.

Read more about it here :

You can write a function in C++ to expose it to BP.