Behavior Tree Service can't set blackboard variable Value beside object variable

my Engine version is UnrealEngine-4.10.1-release.

I have a variable in blackbroad called TargetLocation and when I set the value in service blueprint it still show me invaliad in behavior tree’blackboard browser.

I checked the coding is ok. not else place change the value and the object type can be set (I also tested float or int value but beside object type key can set value other type of key can’t set value anymore)


I have performed some tests, and I am able to get a vector blackboard key to set properly using the setup you are showing above. If you click on your AggroCheck service in your Behavior Tree, have you ensured that you set your key references so that your key variables in your service know which blackboard keys they relate to?

Can u show me a picture or something where is the key references I need to set to know which blackboard keys they relate to?

Sure. In this example, my blackboard key variable is called Target Location, and my actual blackboard key is called VectorKey. as you can see, I’ve set Target Location to Vector Key in the Behavior Tree’s details panel while I have my service (New Blueprint 3) selected.

Ignore the EQS and MoveTo, those are part of a separate test.

Feel free to let me know if there are any further questions, or if this does not help solve your issue.

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Oh my god I worked it out, thank u very much

I have been having trouble with this step. No ‘Default’ section is showing when i have my service selected. How do I get my ‘Default’ section to show?

Just figured this one:
In your bt service blueprint, mark the variables for blackboard keys “public”(the eye icon), then it will show in the behavior tree.

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thx, worked for me!