Behavior Tree Sequence Quitting Early


In the image above I have a behavior tree for an ai that is essentially a customer walking though a store. In the 1st branch, 3 variable are set, Max Shelves & Max Items are randomly set where shelf index is set to 0 just to be sure.

Then, the middle sequence runs where the FindShelf task executes and gets an array of all the shelves in the game, find a certain shelf based off the index value, and returns its vector location to Target Shelf Point. The ai then moves to Target Shelf Point and waits. The last task executes, IncrementShelfIndex, where is inevitably adds 1 to the Shelf Index. Now the decorator loop continuously runs this sequence until the CompareBBEntries decorator fails, where a force success ensures that the 3rd branch runs instead of restarting the whole thing.

However, I have been having an issue where the ai will go to only 2 shelves even though max shelves is set to 3, or 4.