Behavior Tree runs two tasks at the same time

I don’t know if it is bug or anything, but I’m experiencing this really weird problem.
What I wanted to do was quite simple; When an AI character gets shot, it finds a place to take cover. After it reaches the cover, it approaches to the spot where it can see the location the shot came from.

This is the one that acknowledges an AI character to take cover.
(Pardon me for not sharing the rest of the script, but I’m 100% sure the other parts of the script is causing the problem. Those are completely irrelevant.)

And this is the BTT that runs EQS query and sets the location to take cover.

And this is the service that checks whether it can see the shooting location or not while it approaches.

Quite simple.
But when I actually run the BT, the first time it works correctly, but after that those two tasks run at the same time. Like this.

It’s not like in the middle of aborting. Both decorators actually show ‘pass’, and the BT runs the task at the right side all the way when it is supposed to run the task on the left side only.

Anyone knows why this is happening?
It’s really killing me.

Okay, I figured it out. I don’t know if this is a bug or it’s originally meant to be like this, and I’m not even sure if this is the right solution, but putting selector in the middle seems to solve the problem.