Behavior Tree runs once then stops

Hello. My BT runs only once and then seems to stop. It does loop if I remove the bottom-left 3 nodes that are supposed to be my conditions for running the PatrolFindCheckpoint task. My PatrolFindCheckpoint task sets NextCheckpoint to a random value from an array. What I’m trying to achieve is to have the BT find a checkpoint either when the NextCheckpoint variable is not set or when the character is already at the location set by the NextCheckpoint.
I’ve tried adding a Loop decorator to the base sequence node but it didn’t loop either.
I’m also having a lot of trouble debugging, breakpoints don’t seem to work on leaf nodes, so if you could just tell me how to debug decently in BT that’d be pretty cool already.
I’m sorry that my question isn’t more detailed because I basically have no idea what’s happening, feel free to ask for more details on specific settings I might have done wrong.
Thank you for your time.