Behavior Tree MoveTo flickers once then ends

So my behavior tree looks like this, and the way I want it to play out is that the AI performs the Task “BTTask_Spin” every second as long as the AI can see the player. BTService_CheckForPlayer casts a ray to the player and checks on visibility, thus detecting him. The blackboard condition is to abort the Spin Task if the player moves out of view while spinning. The spin task runs for three seconds, spins the AI, then a Finish Execute node returns successful.

The problem is, once the selector moves on to the Sequence with MoveTo, it flickers for a frame and then goes right back to the Spin Task. If the player is in view it does not flicker, it just performs the Spin task as expected. I feel like I’m just not understanding how Behavior trees are supposed to be set up, the logic is strange to me. Perhaps someone can explain to me how my logic is flawed and what the proper way to set this up would be.