Behavior tree inactive

Hi guys, when i start the game and look at the behavior tree it is inactive. Could someone help me out?

Create BP in your AI Controller that adds a “Run Behavior Tree”

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If anyone else is also having this issue still, one possible solution would be to make sure that your Ai Character Blueprint has the correct Controller Class assigned to it. You can assign one from the Class Defaults menu in your Ai Character Blueprint.

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I have the same problem,
I added an AI Controller to a character and the BT is inactive.
The BT worked on a other pawn before.

Heads up to anyone who is struggling with this - there is a bug where the behaviour tree is shown as inactive, when in fact it is running (which obviously doesn’t help with debugging):

Hi I had the same problem, after days of searching comparing my projects I realized my level
“World Settings AI → Enable AISystem” was unchecked.
That’s why the behavoir tree did not run.


I had the same problem, you need to change the reference to the new AI Controller on details panel, also change the nodes Cast to AI Controller and Setup AI to the new AI Controller.