Behavior Tree impossible to abort Does Path Exist


The decorator node Does Path Exist does not allow the user to select anything other than “None” in the abort drop list. Is this desired behavior ?

How can I get around this if I need to abort a task if a path between two vectors is no longer possible ?

Thanks in advance

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I was able to replicate the issue. I have logged a JIRA ticket with the developers for them to address this. You can access UE-53197 at anytime to check the status of the bug.

I see the resolution of the issue is set to “by design”. Can you elaborate on that? The abort flags are disabled explicitly in source code, but there’s no explanation as to why that is the case. What would break if I were to just simply subclass UBTDecorator_DoesPathExist and unlock those flags myself?

	bAllowAbortLowerPri = false;
	bAllowAbortNone = true;
	bAllowAbortChildNodes = false;
	FlowAbortMode = EBTFlowAbortMode::None;